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Tumharey Husn Kay Naam Episode-5 Review: For Atif to get married to Salma is now a matter of his ego

Salma once again saves Sikandar from expelling from the college

Green Entertainment’s drama serial Tumharey Husn Kay Naam is a very calm drama serial with a vintage feel. Saba Qamar and Imran Abbas both are looking great together. The story is getting more intense and interesting. In the previous episode, we have seen that Sikandar is once again on the verge of expelling from the art college. In this episode, it is shown that Salma once again saves Sikandar from expelling from the college.

Sikandar is all set to leave the college, he is resolute that he will not apologize at any cost, and in other conditions, he has to leave the college. Salma offers him help but he strictly refuses her offer by saying that he does not want her to get involved in this matter as people will question her interest in this matter. Salma has asked her father to talk with the principal and save Sikandar from getting expelled.

Salma once again saves Sikandar despite him stopping her from helping him out. Salma’s father asked the principal not to expel their brilliant student at any cost. Sikandar is grateful to Salma for saving him, and he asks about the fine money that Salma has already paid. Salma says that if he really wants to pay off then he has to give her one of his paintings. Salma further says that she admires his art.

Atif is anxious to get Salma’s hand as soon as possible. He is after his mother, forcing her to go to Salma’s place for his proposal. Atif’s mother goes to Salma’s place. Salma is not happy to see her. She eavesdrops on her conversation where she is asking her hand for Atif. Later she expresses her disgust over this idea by telling her father that she cannot marry him.

Salma’s father is a gem of a person he agrees with what his daughter says. Despite the fact that Salma’s mother really likes this proposal. He straight away refuses Salma’s proposal by saying that she has to focus on her studies. When Atif’s father ensures him that she can continue her studies or they can have an engagement. He politely declines it by saying that he does not believe in prolonged engagements. He says that he will consider them when the time will come. Atif on the other hand when comes to know that it is Salma who has saved Sikandar from getting expelled from the college gets mad. He wants to marry Salma as soon as possible, now it is a matter of his ego. Interesting buildup!


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