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Visaal Episode 16 Review: Will Akku succeed in getting Pari?

Visaal has been captivating audience since its release. The drama airs every Saturday at 9p.m. and the latest episode of Visaal depicts that the director wants to make audience anticipate to what will come next.

Pari is distraught and complaining about her situation but is unable to get out of it as no one will allow her to go back home and live with bua alone. The very strong character that we witnessed in episode 16 was that of Naheed. She continues to defend Pari in all possible manners and is dead set against her mother’s wishes of getting Pari married as soon as possible.


We love how Akku constantly tortures Naheeed with hints of his knowledge about her evil act of framing Pari with the officer. He does so by reminding her of her college uniform and showing her those black khussas she wore when she locked Pari in with the officer.

We also find out that Akku is planning to damage Pari’s reputation once again by sending a fake rishta towards her and getting them to refuse her due to her prior scandals. He does this for two reasons. One reason is that Pari would be defamed beyond credibility for any marriage, and two, he can make schemes of how to get Pari for himself.


From Hania Amir to Zahid Ahmed, Saboor Aly to Firdous Jamal, all were brilliant in their performances depicting the true nature of each character. Question is; will Akku succeed in blackmailing Naheed to get him married to Pari? Will friendship come before respect or will Naheed sacrifice Pari to save face? Find out in the next episode of Visaal only on ARY Digital.


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