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Visaal Episode 20 Review: Will Akram pay heed to Naheed’s request?

Visaal has everything that viewers have been yearning for


What an episode it was! The drama is getting intense with every episode. The cast is doing an impeccable job whilst the writer has created such a wonderful plot that will keep us hooked till its end.

After hearing truth about Akram, Molvi Sahab gets concerned about Naheed’s future as well as Pari’s life because now he understands that marrying Pari was merely Akram’s wish. Akram being so clever is having intuitions that something terrible is soon going to happen because it seems like everything Akram is planning is now going in vain.


Pari goes back to her house but she was surrounded by the memories of her father. Akram decides to pay a visit, tries to convince Pari, and ends up threatening her using Naheed’s name because he knows that Naheed’s happiness is very important to her.

Finally in this episode of Visaal, we have seen an unexpected change in Naheed’s behavior with Akram though it might be a part of her plan but still she respectfully requests Akram not to marry Pari as she can’t stand any other woman in his life.

Visaal has everything that viewers have been yearning for; it is a story of love, jealousy, betrayal, revenge and redemption. Things will get even more interesting so stay tuned for another episode on Saturday at 9pm only on ARY Digital.


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