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Visaal Episode 7 Review: Will Naheed Reap What She Sowed?

With each episode, Visaal gets more interesting


Right from the word Go, Visaal has been a rather interesting play. The story is well crafted with characterization done to perfection. Hashim Nadeem’s vision has been brought to life by director Ali Hassan and his actors have completely justified the roles awarded to them.

Last week’s episode showed how Pari’s world was brought down by Naheed and now perhaps we’ll see Naheed reaping what she sowed for Pari.


Shabeer and Pari are still suffering, owing to how Naheed wronged Pari. However, its good to see Jumman Buwa having a soft spot for Pari still. But the way people have been talking behind Pari and Shabeer’s back and the way Taimur backed out, ensured he didn’t have the guts to stand up for Pari, even when they knew it was not her fault at all.

On the other hand, Akku, with his courtesan of a disguised bhabhi and brother have reached Molvi Sahab’s house and convinced him for Akram’s proposal. The wedding date is set but Naheed is not satisfied. Upon eavesdropping she finds out that Taimur has been transferred. She tries to visit him but finds out that he has already left.

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The next episode preview shows Akram finding out finally that Naheed is not Pari. What will now be Naheed’s fate? Will she pay the price of what she did to Pari? How will Pari’s lost honor be restored? For all this and more, you’ll need to watch the next episode of Visaal.

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