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Ye Dil Mera Episode-21 Review: Amaan is now getting on Mir Farooq’s nerves

Ye Dil Mera the classy psychological thriller on airing on HUM TV has become one of our favorite Prime Time Watch. The plot of the play has been very artfully penned down by Farhat Ishtiaq, the suspense element is on point and now as the story unfolds it is revealing the darkest side of Mir Farooq. Adnan Siddiqui, Ahad Raza Mir, and Sajal Aly have given memorable performances in this play.

Aina is contemplating on Amaan’s lies and his weird behavior, she is realizing that he is weird right before their Wedding, how he left her on their wedding night. Well in this play for the very first time Aina’s thoughts were shown in form of Urdu text which seems to be not a good idea as the text was not much readable being in small font and many of audiences cannot read so its really a flop idea, instead of that thinking aloud in form of background dialogues running could be much better and in dramas, this much liberty is conveniently allowed.


Amaan’s friend Sajid breaks the bad news of Saira’s murder to him, it makes Amaan extremely disturbed, he is feeling sorry for poor Saira who has lost her life because of her own follies and impatience but somehow Amaan has also a part in that, she was part of his game and maybe because of that Amaan is even more disturbed and moreover he is disgusted by Mir Farooq even more, taking a human life for him is merely a joke.


Mir Farooq’s sources confirm the news of AK oil refinery been sold, Mir Farooq is shocked that his son in law Amaan has not even cared to discuss with him anything, he senses that there is something fishy. He calls Amaan to confirm this news but Amaan does not mention anything about the selling of AK Oil refinery he tells him that everything is going fine. It seems that Amaan is now getting on Mir Farooq’s nerves another shock Mir Farooq gets is that his pictures with Saira and of his second marriage are circulating on the net.


Aina tries to confront Amaan on which he very coldly and bitterly tells her to stay in her limits. Aina says that she wants to leave him on which Amaan in a very lunatic way shakes her and says that he is not going to let her leave as he had already warned her not to marry him but she insisted, now she has no choice to back off, she has to live with him forever.

He locks up Aina but then after some time he comes back and offers her to eat dinner in a very kind way on which Aina very rudely and bluntly taunts him for his bad upbringing, she cursed his dead parents for raising him like that and compares it with her upbringing by Agha Jaan’s by calling him an honest man. Amaan only bitterly smiles on it and drops her phone which he took earlier but he is badly hurt.

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