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Yeh Dil Mera Last Episode Review: A bit dragged but an unconventional ending

Yeh Dil Mera one of the classiest psychological thriller finally has finally concluded. Making us all sad as we really gonna miss this serial with its unique way of storytelling and its marvelous performances. Sajal Aly has done a memorable role in this play, an absolute winning performance. Ahad Raza Mir and Adnan Siddiqui have also given their best of performances. The last episode, in particular, is a bit dragged but the ending is unconventional and satisfying.

Mir Farooq sets his own punishment, the biggest punishment for him was that his Noor e Jahan has abandoned him. He has left with no reason to live. He orders his very loyal Ali Baksh to kill him despite his reluctance, Mir Farooq is persisting him to shoot him. He shoots Mir Farooq then he eventually shoots himself. Aina hears the gun shot. Before dying, Mir Farooq is saying that he loves Noor e Jahan but Aina is not there to hear this.


Aina could not stand all this, she gets nervous breakdown. Then there is a romantic scene where Amaan is expressing his heart out to her when she is unconscious. He is saying that his love for her is bigger than his revenge and everything. She is more than everything. Aina knows that his father is not alive and she knows that he loves her. She is enduring this pain of losing her father and this ugly reality very bravely.


Aina tells Amaan that she has parted her ways. Aina says that since now he has done with his revenge game so he should leave her. Aina is taking care of Mir Farooq’s business and Amaan frequently pays a visit to her but Aina refuses to meet him each time. She then shifts back to Darya Bhaag where her parents are buried and she winds up her business and starts doing charity work at Darya Bhaag.


Amaan comes after her there too and he apologizes to her for using her as revenge and confesses his heart out to her but Aina tells her that their ways are separate when in real deep inside her heartbeat only for Amaan. They both are living in Darya Bhaagh working for their charity houses but it seems that they both are giving themselves time. The ending is very unconventional though quite dragged but there is no conventional union or separation shown, Amaan and Aina are united by hearts but their ways are separated waiting for the right time for a union. Kudos to the entire team for a brilliant script and equally good execution with standing out performances to remember. We really going to miss this classy serial.

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