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Yunhi Episode-20 Review: The bond between Kim and Dawood is getting stronger

Kim forgives Surraiya and tries to help her out

Hum TV drama Yunhi, a calm, slow-paced serial with aesthetic frames simply makes us in love with this play. Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf’s crackling onscreen chemistry is the cherry on top. In the previous episode, it is seen that Surraiya wrongly blames Kim for her elopement. In this episode, it is shown that Kim and Dawood are getting closer to each other.

Dawood offers Fajar namaz and when he is wrapping the prayer mat he is astonished to see Kim clad in Chaddar wants to offer namaz as well. Dawood is delighted to guide his wife. The way he adjusts her chaddar looks so cute. Kim is smart enough to watch a wudu tutorial and then it is so nice of her to ask Dawood to note her mistakes so she will not going to repeat them in the future.

Surraiya wrongly blames Kim to convince her of elopement in front of the whole family and is now feeling guilty. Being a kind heart girl she decides to apologize. She goes to Kim and Dawood’s room to apologize. She apologizes to Kim who instantly forgives her and then she seeks her brother’s forgiveness who is reluctant to say that it is okay. Kim tells him that actually, it should be him seeking her forgiveness for not letting her choose what she wants.

Kim and Dawood decide to visit Owais’s place. Dawood is resolute that he will not let any injustice happen to her sister. They both despite so much pressure from their family go to Owai’s house without telling anyone. Owais’s family is not very welcoming towards them and they are talking ill about Surraiya. Owais’s sister is putting the whole blame for elopement on Surraiya not considering that it is her brother who insisted her.

Owais seems not deserving Surraiya. So Dawood and Kim mutually decided that Owais is not a good match for Surraiya and his family will never be going to accept her. Well, Kim and Dawood have plans to call off this Nikkah by convincing Dada Jee and others. Basharat tells Razia about a fire in his warehouse and then giving her just 10K rupees for Nikkah’s preparation seems quite weird. The question arises that how Dawood is going to convince Dada Jee for calking off this nikkah. Dawood tells Surraiya that he will try his best to convince Dada jee to call off this nikkah but she should promise to forget Owais as one cannot live without respect. There will be no respect for her in Owais’s house.

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