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Yunhi Episode-25 Review: Kim asks Iqbal about Zulfi

Kim tells her father to refuse to marry Iqbal

Hum TV drama serial Yunhi after 25 Episodes has our hearts. The credit for aesthetical execution goes to its director Etheshaamuddin. The performances are all spectacular as well as the chemistry between the leads. In the previous episode, we have seen that Kim shares with Dawood about Zulfi’s love lady who is none other than his own Iqbal Phupho. In this episode, it is shown that Kim asks directly from Iqbal Phupho about Zulfi.

Kim getting sick due to a nose piercing is quite a stretch. Kim is disturbed about his father and Iqbal’s proposal. On the other hand, Dada Jee is all set to marry off Iqbal to Dr.Naveed as soon as possible.

Dawood convinces Kim to talk to her father as he has well judged that he is not feeling good. Kim calls his father after quite a time. She directly asks his father to refuse to marry Iqbal. Kim also shares with his father the fact that Zulfi and Iqbal are in love. Well, how unbelievable it is that being Zulfi’s best friend Dr Naveed is so oblivion of his friend’s feelings for his cousin? Zulfi has never shared his feelings with his best friend! Dr. Naveed is shocked to learn that.

Zulfi on the other hand when Kim questions him about Iqbal clearly denies the fact that he is ever in any kind of relationship with Dr Naveed’s cousin Iqbal. He says that Iqbal is his old college friend. Kim tells Zulfi that she knows Azra has told her everything. Zulfi is a bit upset about revealing his secret to her. He tells her to stay away from his matter as it is a never solving issue. However, Kim is resolute that she along with Dawood going to find a solution for this issue. Zulfi is not ready to take any initiative.

Dawood asks his Phupho about her and Dr Naveed’s marriage prospects on which she gets mad at him. Later Razia also tells her the same that she will be marrying Dr Naveed on which poor Iqbal remains quiet but she is extremely upset. Dawood tries to bring some reason to Dada Jee not to pursue this proposal as Iqbal Phupho always hated Dr Naveed. Iqbal catches Kim reading her letter she directly asks her about Zulfi and her relationship with him. Kim here is being is too nosy and annoying asking her if she can share all her secrets and fears with her. Why Iqbal will share her secrets and fears with her? Will Kim and Dawood this time be successful in convincing Dada Jee?

Rameeza Nasim

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