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Yunhi Episode-32 Review: Iqbal and Zulfi’s wedding is the highlight of this episode

Kim is going back to America

Hum TV drama serial Yunhi is 32 episodes down. The play should have concluded by now it has stretched a lot. Performances are brilliant particularly Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf’s onscreen chemistry which looks sizzling. In the previous episode, we are wondering if will Kim leave Dawood. In this episode, it is shown that Kim has made her decision. She is going back to America.

Kim is looking extremely gorgeous in her outfit on Iqbal’s mehndi and even Dawood has admitted that she has made her leaving difficult. Kim reiterates that he is taking her and George’s relationship wrong. Well, George arrives at the function making Kim uncomfortable too. Mudassir and Basharat’s trying to speak English with him looks hilarious particularly Mudassir asking him are you George 4th or 5th or just George!

Iqbal is eventually married to her love of life Zulfi. The credit for her marriage goes to Kim too it is actually her efforts that this wedding becomes possible. Kim is not yet ready to call Zulfi Phupha for her he is still her good friend Zulfi. Zulfi and Iqbal’s scene after marriage is so beautiful that Iqbal for the very first time opens up about her dream with her love of life. Iqbal’s dream is of having a solid career and it is related to wood carving.

Kim has made up her mind that she will leave after Iqbal’s wedding she has already booked her ticket. Kim imparting the news of her leaving on the dining table has made everyone upset. Dada Jee orders Dawood to go with her to America as according to Dada Jee married couples should not stay separate but little did Dada Jee know that Dawood and Kim have decided to part ways. It is so heartbreaking we are so badly rooting for Kim and Dawood.

Dawood never wants to settle in the USA at any cost. He still wants to be in a relationship but George’s entry has ruined everything and on top of that it is Kim’s persistence too which has broken his heart. He has made up his mind to part ways with Kim. Dada Jee strictly tells Dawood that it is his order not to leave Kim but to go with her to America he says that he has already followed his order by marrying her but now he will do what he thinks is right. Oh, we do not want a tragic end we want Dawood and Kim to end up together.

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