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Drama, songs, romance, action, colors and more; 7 Din Mohabbat In trailer comes out

People claim to have seen super natural beings. But there is no reference point as to how they look, or what they do. So when a film’s plot heavily involves a ‘good looking jin’ (played by Javed Sheikh), there is a lot a director and writer can do. It gives them liberty beyond the realms and realities of what you know as normality. With the trailer of 7 Din Mohabbat In, it looks like the director, writer duo has tried to focus on entertaining, within and past that boundary of realism.

The teaser more or less informed us what the basic plot is. The trailer further expands on it. Tipu (Sheheryar Munawar) is a shy and timid individual, who is struggling to find love. The good looking jin from Delhi, comes to his rescue, but with precondition. There is a race against time, in 7 days our bechara hero has to find true love. We meet Neeli (Mahira Khan), Amna Illyas and Mira Sethi, seemingly all dying to be with our hero Tipu. But the question is of attaining true love.

Will he find his soul mate and avoid becoming a slave? You’ll have to wait till Eid to find out the answer!

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