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Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show Review: Mom Alerts for the Win!

For people belonging to Netflixistan, Iliza Shlesinger isn’t a new name. She has had five popular Netflix specials. So when the Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show came out, naturally, we had to watch it.

Behind this madcap show, the chief idea was that she (and her cast) takes on everything. She satirizes corporate culture, morning shows, “a” feminists and even her own behaviour. Celebrity, political, TV show spoofs, a lot is going on there. You also get a women’s support group led by a NotAllMen Bro. Basically, we see a Netflix style platter of options and a sketch up pops up every few minutes. In terms of variety, there is a lot here.

However, did the sketch show fulfil its purpose? Well, for the most part, yes it did. For example, the Female Jackass sketch has some touchy and unnerving moments. Ripped fat dudes would definitely make you chuckle and it is one phrase I would definitely be using in future. The cooking shows, the advertisements and spoof morning shows get every little detail right. It-Me is perhaps the most imaginative part of the whole show. You will know these people within your own circle (may be it is you). Coronavirus and The Star is Born sketch also has its moments despite being a tad too long.

In the age of Coronavirus and WhatsApp forwards, Mom Alert hit all the right notes. It really captures how abused this service is by worried mothers. Perhaps it could have gone a step ahead but boy did we need someone to satirize this unchecked behaviour.

There are a couple of sketches which didn’t really hit home for me. For example, the corporate meeting sketch where everyone is busy devouring nectarine seemed aimless. Similarly the Air Cashew seemed like a filler.

The pace of the show helps you hop on the train quickly. Again in the days of lockdowns and social isolation, you need something a bit more inventive. The sets work perfectly for the sketches. Nothing strikes out as being out of its place.

So, have a laugh at a lot of people’s expense with the Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show. Some made up, others who knows.

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