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K-Drama ‘King The Land’ makers issue apology for misrepresenting Arab culture

Korean drama ‘King the Land’ sparked online backlash over Arab character

K-Drama ‘King The Land’ makers have issued an apology for misrepresenting Arab culture!

JTBC’s Romantic comedy staring Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon Ah in lead roles, also available on Netflix, sparked online backlash over the portrayal of an Arab character.


“King the Land” episodes 7 and 8 featured a new character of Arab Prince Samir (Anupam Tripathi). The character in question has been portrayed as a womanizer who enjoys drinking with several women.

As soon as these episodes were released, viewers criticized the drama for not respecting Arab culture and demanded a apology from the production team.

“An apology from the production company for ‘King the Land

We would like to express our deep and sincere apology for causing unnecessary inconvenience to our viewers without full consideration of other valued cultures although we have no intention of caricaturing or distorting any particular country or culture in the process. It has been our sharp realization that there has been a lack of understanding, experience, and consideration for other cultures, We will do our best going forward to create content that can be enjoyed

by anyone regardless of where they are from and what kind of culture they have

We will take a thorough look into the part of the video which was

considered problematic, and do our best to make sure that right measures are taken, We earnestly promise to our viewers that more care will be taken down the road so that there will be no inconvenience in viewing our content.”


According to Netflix charts, “King the Land” is currently the second-most-watched show on the platform in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Here is how internet reacted to the last episodes of Kind the Land showing controversial Arab character:


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