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Lockdown Ke Side Effects Every Young Couple Can Relate to

Rabya Kulsoom and Zain Afzal pair up for Lemon Max's fun new web series

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Lemon Max has recently released a fun new 3-part web series ‘Lockdown Ke Side Effects,’ It perfectly sums up what all of us go through at home every day (particularly the younger couples). Here are some of those Lockdown Ke Side Effects every young couple can relate to!

A new kind of Romance

Showing love keeps a relationship healthy; there is no doubt. Though, now there is some household chore disguised in that love. Time to get to those dishes, husband!

Bacha party trapped in the house

This one is for the ones with little kids. We feel you. This house arrest for months is driving them bananas. Keeping them busy is the hardest thing to do. Keeping a check on their screen time is another issue. Though, keeping them away from your laptop screens in the middle of official con-calls, who is going to do that?!



Okay, so all of us can agree to this being the hardest part of the lockdown. Putting our house help on hold was the safest yet the most difficult thing to do. Taking care of all the house chores made us realize the blessing we all take for granted. But, if you have a loving partner, they might bring you food at the end of a tiring day, too!

Home office k side effects

We have heard a lot of hilarious stories about this one. Ghar k kaam aur saath saath office k kaam, the combination is deadly. When you mistake your colleague as your spouse and your spouse as your colleague, from constantly asking everyone to keep it down during your zoom meeting to finding the quietest place in the house and your kid is bursting in at the wrong moment. The feeling of relief when you manage to end your work meeting without any interruption is priceless.

Staying at home with restrictions on social activities gets to our nerves every now and then. The anxiety level for families is increasing. Couples are finding it hard to cope with each other. The same old routine is not good for mental health. Though just like this fun new series has reminded us – with bad comes the good, so there are definitely some good side effects! Which ones can you relate to?

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