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Netflix Releases ‘Forever Berlin’ to Honor the Money Heist Character

If there’s one undisputed boss for all Money Heist fans, it’s got to be Berlin aka Andres, played by Pedro Alonso. Beginning off as an anti-hero with his male chauvinism, obnoxious and self-centered personality, Berlin was easily the most hated member of the crew by both people in the drama and by that outside. But what happened at the end of season 2 as Berlin sacrificed his life to save his brother’s plan and the lives of his team, changed everyone for good and forever.

Recognizing the impact Pedro Alonso’s character made in the fan’s minds – which also prompted the makers to keep reviving his role through flashbacks in following seasons – Netflix has released a special video to honor Berlin of the Money Heist.

Titled Berlin Forever – One Story Away is a compilation of fans’ testimonies from around the world as they all come together to reflect on his character and their feelings in the last minutes of season 2 when he laid off his life in front of cops, ordering Helsinki to blow up the tunnel – his only escape. Fans from Mexico, Brazil, the USA, South Korea, South Africa, Canada, and others passionately talk about Berlin and his heroic anti-heroism.

The video has surely left Berlin fans sentimental again, as they eagerly wait for the next and last season to come out next year. Fortunately, Netflix has had Alonso reprise his role in season 5 as well and he’s busy shooting iconic Berlin these days.

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