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Humayun Saeed and Wasay Chaudhry to Collaborate for ‘Naram Garam’

Vasay Chaudhary and Humayun Saeed have made quite a name in the industry when it comes to humorous content.

Therefore, there is no surprise the duo is yet again collaborating for another comedy production.

Nothing has been finalized yet except for few details which Humayun shared “Vasay has already written half of the film. It’s so hilarious that we decided to announce the film. It’s called Naram Garam.”

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Although the casting hasn’t started yet, Humayun was forthcoming with one male lead’s name. “It’s a film with two male leads and Vasay will be playing one of them. The second one has not been cast yet and we haven’t thought of anyone yet. I will produce it.”

Seems like Humayun and Vasay have their work cut out for them but undoubtedly the duo has always prooved to come up with best of it all.

We wish goodluck to both of them and here is to hoping for another blockbuster success.

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