Karachi witnesses surge in Conjunctivitis, viral eye infection

Karachi witnesses a surge in Conjunctivitis, a viral eye infection!

A significant number of patients are reported of being treated in public and private hospitals and clinics confirming the outbreak of conjunctivitis virus in the port city.

According to Jinnah Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department, the hospital’s outpatient department (OPD) is receiving at least 50 patients every day who are suffering from the virus that is spreading in the city.

So far no serious damage from the spreading virus has been revealed.

The infection is not contracted through mere eye contact; rather, it is facilitated by direct exposure to the infected individual’s ocular fluids.

Notably, many cases have shown a co-occurrence of red eye with cold, flu, and cough symptoms.

The eyes of people infected with the virus become very red and very itchy, with watery discharge along with swelling around the eyes.

The symptoms of the said virus start a few days earlier and the infected person’s eyes start to itch.

According to Ophthalmologists, the eyes of a person infected with the said virus may have severe itching and pain for 10 days, while people living near the infected person may also suffer from it.

Furthermore, after symptoms like itching in the eyes, swelling around them, and discharge of water from them, one should immediately consult a doctor and use other medicines including drops given by them.

People suffering from the virus should not try to relieve eye pain through tips and other methods and should take special care of cleanliness.

It is recommended that people should clean their eyes with a clean cloth or tissue paper and use a new tissue every time to avoid eye viruses.

The patients likely recover within 10 to 15 days and are required to seek proper medical help

The spread of the virus may temporarily affect the eye membrane, cornea, and other parts, but it can be treated.


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