Shaniera and Wasim Akram Raise Voice to Draw Attention Towards Littered Sea and Karachi City

Star cricketer Wasim Akram and his wife Shaniera Akram were out on a walk earlier this week and the had a rather unpleasant experience at the Karachi beach. Filled with heaps of garbage and trash, the place reeked of a dump and the couple ‘has had enough’ so they took it to social media to raise voice on the matter.

“It was Monday morning, and I thought it is a fresh start, the first day of the week, but I’ve made a huge mistake bringing my wife to Seaview,” said the former skipper.

“It’s embarrassing. She chants to the entire world that Pakistan is beautiful, its people are beautiful – yes people might be beautiful, but they’re also dirty,” he added.

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Wasim then rightly pointed out that the citizens of Karachi are themselves responsible for their miserable conditions and nobody can help them if they don’t do anything.

Shaniera too then took to Twitter and lamented over the same issue.

“Our city is sick, our marine life is choking, our people are crying, our children are playing in rubbish and the world is watching us do nothing!” tweeted Shaniera.

“It’s not just the beach, there is garbage everywhere. It’s on our street corners, our lanes, outside our shops, in front of our offices, next to our schools, dumped on vacant land, outside our homes, on our only beach, and its in our ocean. We are literally swimming in it!” the socialite added while urging authorities and citizens to take charge.


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