Who will Combat Don Cavity aka Dantoon ka Dushman?

The Colgate Tooth Defenders have a solid plan to fight off these evil beings.

Don CavityThis wicked creature has two weapons of choice, a lack of hygiene and sweet candies - OyeYeah News

There is a new villain in town, and he goes by the name Don Cavity. His sole mission is to destroy the teeth of many people as he can. This monstrous creature has a gang at his disposal. He uses them to attack teeth and gums and rob people of their beautiful smiles. He wants to destroy the wonderful and essential “dantoon ke duniya.”

This wicked creature has two weapons of choice—a lack of hygiene and sweet candies. When we eat loads of candies, it allows Don Cavity to send his troops to the battleground. They work on slowly weakening your teeth from the inside. Before you know it, toothache and swollen gums become a common occurrence. Especially when you fail to maintain oral hygiene, then things go from bad to worse. Don Cavity and his army of thugs thrive in this environment. Teeth worms left behind by the Don feast on your beautiful white teeth to make feeble and frail.

“Don Cavity Hai Mera Naam” is the theme song from the animated film Colgate Tooth Defenders, and it sure is really catchy. In this rather horror-filled spirited song, we are introduced to this villainous character. He has crooked green teeth, and this is why perhaps he wants to take revenge from everyone with a beautiful set of teeth and a wonderful smile. He flies around along with his partners in crime, and he is promising to leave destruction behind everywhere. All they want to do is Dantoon ka Kam Tamam and dance in celebration.

Who will combat Don Cavity? Are we doomed to having inflamed gums, plaque, and decaying teeth? Is there something we can do? The video does give us some hope. The Colgate Tooth Defenders have a solid plan to fight off these evil beings. All we need to do is to listen to these superheroes, and we will retain our full set of teeth.

Head over the Colgate Teeth Defenders video so you can maintain that gorgeous smile of yours.

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