Here’s Why Asim Azhar Mentioned Hania Aamir in His Breakup Song

The singer took to Twitter and cleared the air

Asim Azhar New songThe Tum Tum singer decided to put the matter to rest - OyeYeah News

Asim Azhar has been releasing his singles one after the other lately and the most recent one Soneya is being considered his heartbreak song after Hania Aamir announced him to be ‘just a best friend’. Things were further hyped up after Asim’s song mentioned Hania in the end among the list of special thanks which also included Umer Mukhtar and Sajid Maklai.

Seeing the hype and Twitter users going for and against Asim in a reckless manner, the Tum Tum singer decided to put the matter to rest.

“The world’s been very eager to know why I’ve put you in special thanks. Haha. Still, remember the first time you heard it. and all the changes you’d make me do! Aaaah. So happy you like it,” tweeted Asim in response to Hania’s praise of Soneya.

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Earlier Hania also took to Twitter as she showered Asim with praise for his latest track.

“Dil ko tou lagta hai (It does touch the heart). Saal pehle bhi, aj bhi (A year ago as well as today). Kya gana hai! Mazedaar kaam Asim Ali (What a song, brilliant work Asim Ali),” tweeted the actress.

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