Momina Mustehsan & Uzair Jaswal fail to strike a chord with latest single “Hamesha”

The lyrics of the track seem all over the place


Momina Mustehsan and Uzair Jaswal just released their new duet Hamesha and we have to say, the song failed to strike a chord with us. Although the melody is beautiful and the setting of the song is pleasing to the eye, its the lyrics we have a problem with. The wordings of Hamesha seem all over the place, as if a third grader has tried to forcibly rhyme words together and create a love ballad.

Momina Mustehsan and Uzair Jaswal both have beautiful voices and we have songs from both of them in the past to prove so. However, Hamesha failed to create that intended magic for us, because we feel a song with zero recall value (read weirdly rhyming lyrics here) will definitely not make the deal with the listeners.

However, if Momina and Uzair were to release an acoustic version of Hamesha, we’d definitely be listening to it on repeat, because yes, the melody is not only beautiful, its very soothing and creates a calm in the head. Overall the song is a good effort but we do feel some thought should have been put into creating meaningful lyrics that would definitely have struck the hearts of the listeners.

Give a listen to Hamesha here and tell us what you feel.

the authorLaiba Sabeen

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