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3 BTS songs added into NASA’s 2024 voyage to moon playlist

Popular K-Pop group BTS will be heading to the moon. That’s why they say love you to moon and back.


BTS may be the biggest boy band on earth and this time they are going to be stratosphere by NASA’s latest announcement. BTS is definitely shooting for the stars with this latest move!

It was announced by NASA that  3 hit tunes by BTS have been included in a special playlist for a six-day voyage to the moon that the United States of America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is preparing for in 2024.

BTS’s ‘Mikrokosmos’, from their latest album Map of the Soul: Persona, ‘134340’, from last year’s Love Yourself: Tear album, and RM’s ‘Moonchild’ have all been added to the playlist so far, and more could be added as NASA has revealed it is accepting song submissions till June 28.

NASA will officially launch its new “Moon Tunes” playlist during a live show on its Third Rock Radio on July 13 and 14.

NASA’s  latest moon mission is scheduled to take place by 2024, more than 50 years after astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong reached the moon and walked on its surface on 20 July 1969 in a historic moment for mankind.

A tweet from NASA’s Johnson Space Centre (JSC) Twitter account said : “50 years ago, NASA was preparing to land humans on the Moon. Now, we’re getting ready to return by 2024. In honor of the #Apollo50th anniversary, we’re making a playlist fit for a lunar journey with @ThirdRockRadio. Till June 28, share a song you’d include with #NASAMoonTunes!”

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These hit songs by BTS have become the fitting choices for NASA’s playlist. As BTS songs always contain a strong message and concept their music, and these songs have a specific reason for being referred for Moon Tunes.

Mikrokosmos refers to the concept of the human world being a smaller version, or microcosm, of the universe at large, which is the macrocosm. And Mikrokosmos was requested to be included in the playlist.

The second song that has been added, 134340 is an asteroid number assigned to former-planet Pluto. The tune’s lyrics could be interpreted from Pluto’s perspective as a heavenly body that was cast away and stripped of its planetary status.

The third song, Moonchild is BTS bandleader RM’s solo song. it lyrically addresses the figurative “moon children” who cannot embrace the warmth of the sunlight and instead should positively accept their flaws and pain as they blossom in the moonlight.

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