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Child Abuse is No Joke Mooroo!

The social media celebrity recently shared a video with some extremely distasteful joke on child molestation


It’s 2019, but our social media celebrities (and otherwise) do not cease to disappoint us with their crass humor and inconsiderate blabbering. This time it’s vlogger Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo who found it okay to joke about child molestation.

In a short video posted from Nathia Gali, where Mooroo is vacationing with his family, the stand up comedian was in conversation with a ‘spider’.

Now what could have been an otherwise funny bit, turned distasteful as Mooroo while replying to the spider, said, “your kids, I’ll see them and eat them. I am a child molester anyway.”

Mooroo’s remarks obviously did not go well with the social media users who called out the comedian for his inconsiderate statement.

One Facebook user Khadija Abbas, amongst the first to pinpoint the Youtuber’s video, said, “Mr. MOORO forgot that what he deems as joke, has left many Zainabs, Farishtas & Abdullahs ACTUALLY consumed at the hands of lustful beasts!”

“CHILD MOLESTATION & RAPE ARE NO JOKES!! Imagine a victim hearing this,” said Khadija.

Many sane voice aligned with Khadija’s demanded an apology from Mooroo and some sense of responsibility from celebrities in general. It’s high time we understand the unethical approach of having a laugh at the expense of someone’s misery.

the authorAisha Arshad

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