Help Spread Awareness for Child Burn Victims

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Help Spread Awareness for Child Burn Victims

Tea is a must thing of consumption in every Pakistani household. But none of us have ever thought that the negligence while having a hot cup of tea or any other hot beverage with kids around is the most dangerous thing to do.

Reportedly, most of the patients in burns wards are children. And ironically, among these children are mostly the burn victims of hot tea spillage.

According to the statistics, thousands of children require hospital treatment for burns suffered from hot food and drinks, and the main reason turns out to be tea spillage.

During the year 2018, child burn cases reported in Pakistan were more or less 80%. The tally indicates that every third household has a child burn victim due to tea spillage. Burn patients may need multiple operations and skin grafts as they age because their skin continues to grow.

Every family has a story of an accident where a child suffered an injury when tea dropped over, mainly due to negligence. Burn injuries are common and potentially devastating, and tragically they occur too often. All it takes is for a small child to pull a hot cup in curiosity, or knock a cup of tea over, and they can be scarred for life.

Furthermore, the road to recovery can also be psychologically very challenging, especially if a person or child has visible scars.

This can be clearly avoided by creating awareness and avoiding negligence. All such efforts can result in serious life-changing impacts on the victims.

This is why it is so important that we all and particularly parents of young children are aware of the simple steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of such accidents from happening in the first place.

We all also need to back a safe tea kind of campaign to prevent serious burns from boiling mugs of tea or coffee.

In this regard a petition has been generated by Burns Pk, highlighting this topic and creating awareness. The voices raised through it can help educate others and the public’s support can help take care of existing child burn victims.

By sparing a few minutes you can put your effort to spread awareness by log into to sign the petition.

Most of the patients in burnwards are children! Among these children 80% of burn victims are due to hot tea spillage!Nothing else then elder's negligence.Let's today come together & highlight this topic!We might be able to protect a child from such negligence.We might be able to protect a family's life from this situation!Please spread awareness & log into to sign petition#ChaiKaNishaan #publicservicemessage #burnsvictim #SaveChildren

Posted by Oye Yeah on Saturday, November 2, 2019

The generated petition aims at making it obligatory for tea labels, distributors and sellers to post a warning message on their labels/shops/assets.

Once it reaches its goal, the petition will be submitted to the Ministry of Health Services Regulations and Coordination for the implementation and making tea burn warning mandatory.

Help us spread the word and participate for a good cause.

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