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Imran Khan’s Arrest: Here are the details of Al-Qadir Trust case

PTI Chairman Imran Khan was taken into custody by the Rangers in the Al-Qadir Trust case on Tuesday afternoon from the premises of Islamabad High Court.

Imran Khan’s arrest warrant, a copy of which is available with, was dated May 1 and signed by NAB Chairman Lt-Gen Nazir Ahmed.

The arrest warrant states that Imran Khan was accused of corruption and corrupt practices under Section 9(a) of the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999.

Here are the details of the Al-Qadar Trust Case in which Imran Khan has been arrested:

As per the case details,

PTI chairman Imran Khan, his wife, Bushra Bibi, and their close aides Zulfiqar Bukhari and Babar Awan formed the Al-Qadir Project Trust on May 5, 2019, which was aimed at setting up the Al-Qadir University to impart ‘quality education’ in the Sohawa Tehsil of Punjab’s Jhelum district.

However, the trust’s office address in the documents has been mentioned as “Bani Gala House, Islamabad”.

Bushra Bibi later signed a memorandum in 2019 with a private real estate firm, Bahria Town, to receive donations from them.

The trust went on to receive land measuring 458 kanals, 4 marlas, and 58 square feet from Bahria Town as part of the deal.

The government alleges that the private housing society gave 200 kanals of land to Farah Gogi. While there is no record of all these transactions.

It was a fraudulent plot, as the university still does not exist.

Meanwhile, the land was acquired from Bahria Town in return for giving relief on the confiscated money of Bahria Town in the United Kingdom.

The government in this regard also made public the documents of the Al-Qadir University Trust.

According to the documents, on March 24, 2021, Bahria Town donated 450 kanals of land in the Jhelum Sohawa district to Al-Qadir University Trust.

The land agreement was signed between Bahria Town and, Imran Khan’s wife and former First Lady Bushra Bibi. Bushra Bibi signed the deed on behalf of the Al Qadir University Project Trust as a trustee.

Some key findings of the case:

1. UK’s National Crime Agency fines Malik Riaz £140 million & that amount is sent back to Pakistan

2. However, that money is given to SC as part of Malik Raiz’s settlement over the Bahria Town scandal case

3. Federal cabinet of IK on Dec 2, 2019, allowed this to be done (Faisal Vawda confirmed this and members were asked to sign documents) & funds landed in the SC account in NBP as opposed to the GOP’s main account.

4. A total of Rs 460 billion was to be paid by Malik Riaz and this amount was part

5. On Dec 26, 2019, IK registered Trust for Al Qadir Univ Project. MR later became a donor for this.

6. Following registration of the deed of Trust, Bahria Town purchased 458 kanals of land in Sohawa, Jhelum & transferred the land in the name of Zulfi Bukhari.

7. As per the stamp paper the value of the land was fixed at Rs 243 million.

8. On Jan 22, 2021, Zulfi B transferred the land in the name of the Trust.

9. On March 24, 2021, the donation of the 458 kanals of land by Bahria Town was acknowledged thru an agreement signed between Bushra Bibi and Bahria Town at Imran Khan’s residence.

10. As per the signed agreement Bahria Town said it would pay for all expenses for setting up and running the planner Al Qadir University & will contribute funds to the Trust

11. From Jan-Dec 2021 the Trust got donations of Rs 180 million

12. On May 1, 2023, NAB issued the arrest warrant for Imran Khan under Section 9 of the NAB Ordinance of 1999 in this case citing its repeated requests to him to attend & his inability to explain the charge.



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