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Islamabad High Court Warns Its Employees of Possible Cyberattack

In the latest circular, issued by Additional Registrar office on Saturday, Islamabad High Court has warned its employees of a potential cyberattack through a new virus.

Named Ransomware, the virus has been launched to attack computers working on Windows 7 and 10 pf Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. The employees have been warned and issued precautionary measures to avoid loss of data or any other issues.

Ransomware “encrypts the data and [then] the attacker demands[s] ransom from the user to restore the same,” says the circular reported by a leading daily.

As per the IT cell of IHC, employees have been given directions to safeguard their computers and data.

The employees have been told to create a backup of data in Z-drive of their computers, not download/ install any plugins from the web, avoid unnecessary surfing on the web and transfer files through emails or local networks. The employees furthermore have been instructed to not plugin USB drives on official computers.

The virus can spread through download through the web, links given in phishing emails and USB drives that have come in contact with computers containing the virus.

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