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PM Imran Khan Approves New Film Policy to Promote Pakistani Film Industry

After numerous times calling Bollywood “vulgar, obscene, and trash” in the past, Prime Minister Imran Khan has now approved a new film policy to support local industry and promote ‘Pakistaniat’ through quality content in line with the social values of the country.

The policy was presented by SAPM on broadcasting and information Lieutenant General (Retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa in a meeting chaired by the PM.

“We hope that are we are able to promote our country, tourism, and rich culture and history through our films,” said Senator Faisal Javed while talking to The Current. Senator is among those members of the governing party who worked on the policy.

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Under the policy “filmmakers and cinema owners will be offered several incentives including access to locations. The government hopes to build a soft image of Pakistan through film and promote ‘Pakistaniat’, which is why it also hopes to make cinemas affordable for the masses” the senator further said.

Taking it to Twitter, Faisal Javed lauded special advisor Lt Gen (r) Bajwa for his presentation and work towards the policy work. He also criticized previous governments for not paying heed to the local cinema and promoting Bollywood which impacted the youth negatively. The same, the senator said, was stated by the PM in the meeting.

“The prime minister, in the meeting, made it clear that the promotion of Pakistan’s unique identity locally and globally, and acquainting the youth with cultural heritage was the government’s priority,” the publication quoted senator.

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