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PPP issues show cause notice to Nabeel Gabol over insensitive and disturbing remarks about rape

Nabeel Gabol's statement has drawn widespread condemnation from human rights activists, lawyers, politicians and as well as other social media users.

People’s Party has issued a show cause notice to party leader Nabeel Gabol for using inappropriate words during the interview.

Nabeel Gabol has been instructed to give an explanation within three days.

The development comes after social media has been in an uproar over the insensitive remarks shared by the PPP leader during a podcast.

The former MNA Nabeel Gabol made crude and offensive remarks deriding rape survivors, as well as women in general, including women politicians.

The interviewer remarked that political parties had been “used” by only to be discarded and then asked Gabol whether it was an issue.

Nabeel Gabol replied: “I will answer this with an English proverb. When rape is imminent, just enjoy it.”

The interviewer replied that there was no such proverb, but Gabol insisted: “Yes there is.”

Gabol further went on to explain: “If you have the tolerance for it and if your body can endure it, you should. But if you have any dignity, you will speak up against it. I don’t believe in the claim that someone is being forced. Even if you are being forced, you must stand your ground.”

The politician Nabil Gabol is under fire after a string of misogynistic and disturbing remarks.

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, daughter of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, also took to social media to condemn Nabeel Gabol’s statement.

Bakhtawar wrote: “His (repulsive) rhetoric belongs to his individual only & is in no way a representation of our party. In case it wasn’t already abundantly obvious- we absolutely and unequivocally stand for the rights & protection of women. Misogyny has no space in our religion nor our party.”

Meanwhile, Fatima Bhutto — daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, said, “Utter filth. Nabil Gabol exposes the absolute criminal mindset of Sindh’s government. He has done nothing for Lyari, for the people he supposedly represents, and laughs while talking of such violence. Horrendous.”


Nabeel Gabol’s statement has drawn widespread condemnation from human rights activists, lawyers, politicians and as well as other social media users.

Rape is a very serious offence that leaves the victim forever scarred, and flinging comments about it so carelessly is simply unacceptable.


Twitter cancels PPP leader Nabil Gabol for shocking rape analogy!

Many have demanded to expel him from PPP as he had given a few other misogynist statements previously as well.



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