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First Lady Samina Alvi Inaugurates Pink Tree initiative at Lady Dufferin Hospital

Mrs. Samina Alvi visited Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi to launch its remarkable Pink Tree initiative this Sunday, on the 25th of October. The Pink Tree will be lit up annually, each October to not only raise awareness about Breast Cancer but to emphasize the importance of preventive measures and receiving checkups to stay healthy and safe.

Mrs. Samina Alvi

Every day, 110 women die of breast cancer in Pakistan. Lady Dufferin Hospital has kept up its tradition of saving women’s lives by consecutively highlighting the significance of ’early detection is the best prevention’. Lady Dufferin provides free of charge/ subsidized childbirth facilities and gynecological surgeries for underprivileged women and now would also be encouraging women to recognize and detect breast cancer symptoms.

Gulmohar tree

The beautiful Gulmohar tree selected at Lady Dufferin Hospital is over half a century old and is also famously known as the ‘tree of life’. By lighting the tree pink, the hospital will not only be symbolizing the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness but will permanently be making a statement to erase the stigma behind the subject, inviting women from all walks of life to inquire and understand.


The First Lady of Pakistan, who has been courageously campaigning for the cause since the beginning, has been kind enough to partake and donate her time in order to inaugurate this moment in history. Her presence at Lady Dufferin Hospital will not only be a beacon of hope but this will mark a memorable occasion which will go down in the hospital’s rich history.

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