Shoaib Akhtar silences social media trolls attacking Sania Mirza

Targeting the teams families is highly unacceptable!


It’s no news that the Pakistani team losing a cricket match sets our social media on fire! Social media trolls target not only the cricketers but their families also get caught amidst the backlash.

Quite recently, Sania Mirza has become one of the favorite targets of the disappointing Pakistani cricket fans. Videos and photos of the couple at a sheesha bar went viral on social media a day after Pakistan lost the match to India on Sunday. Upon facing heavy criticism on Twitter from multiple fans including Pakistani actress, Veena Malik, Sania Mirza announced a break from Twitter.

Reacting strongly to these trolls, former ace Pakistani bowler, Shoaib Akhtar took to himself to shut down the social media trolls defending Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza over a video that went viral on Sunday,  showcasing the couple at a sheesha bar with their son, Izhaan.

“Sania Mirza is that unfortunate lady, who, whatever she does, gets criticized, unnecessarily, from both India and Pakistan. She is needlessly criticized. She just went out with her husband to have a meal, she just had a child, she has just gone to meet her husband! What crime has she committed? They were not sitting there at 6 AM,” the former pacer said, explaining how the Indian tennis star has always been on the receiving end of criticism because of the team’s poor performance against India.

He further added “You do not have the right to point fingers at anyone. Sania had for the last two months been struggling to meet her husband and they had just gone out for dinner. How come Sania’s meeting’s linked to Shoaib’s performance in the match anyway”.

Shoaib Akhtar concluded by making it clear that targeting the team’s families is highly unacceptable, “It is just stupid, stupid comments and stupid mentality which hurts me a lot. Please think twice before talking about somebody’s family and somebody’s wife. You have no right to talk about somebody’s family.”

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