Dawlance Inverter Air conditioners offer longest 4 year warranty on PCB Cards in Pakistan

As the scorching hot summer months arrive, Dawlance – the most reliable brand of home appliances in  Pakistan, has once again exceeded the customers’ expectations, by announcing the longest ever warranties on its wide range of innovative air-conditioners in Pakistan. The PCB cards in Dawlance inverter air-conditioners are now covered by a 4-year extended warranty, the longest in Pakistan.

This is an unprecedented facility being offered for the first time in Pakistan, to promise complete peace of mind, especially for the buyers of Dawlance Inverter ACs because indeed every AC deserves to have a long life.

The compressors installed in Dawlance ACs are already promising the most extensive 12 years warranty. These unrivaled warranties clearly reflect the longest performance and durability, promised only by Dawlance. The company’s confidence in its quality is surely unmatched by any other brand in Pakistan.

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The industry-leading brand – Dawlance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arçelik – the largest enterprise in Turkey and the 3rd largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe. This extension in warranty will break the clutter and enrich the credibility of this multi-national venture, in the customers’ mind.

Numerous brands have launched inverter air-conditioners in which the PCB card is an essential, delicate, and expensive component of this new technology. Similarly, the compressor is the key functional part of any air-conditioner and many other appliances.

Therefore, Dawlance installs the most dependable PCB cards and compressors in its products. The 4-years warranty on PCB card and 12 years compressor-warranty are a testament to the company’s confidence in its products.

Another revolutionary technology added to the latest range of Dawlance air-conditioners is the “Self-Cleaning Function”. It keeps the ACs thoroughly cleaned from the inside, at all times, to protect the AC from dust and pollen, while ensuring that the air and environment in your home remain hygienic and cleaned continuously.

Dawlance is well renowned for its visionary innovations, customer-care, and sustainability practices. Consumers all over Pakistan have always appreciated the prompt responsiveness of the company, in case they experience any technical malfunction in their Dawlance appliances.

These superior products and technologies also promise up to 60% conservation of energy, to help reduce the consumers’ electricity bills and conserve the Earth’s environment. This technology-leading enterprise has developed Smart-Applications like ‘SYNC’ – that enables the consumers to control and monitor their ACs, on-the-go, from anywhere in the world, while

Arcelik had acquired the ownership of Dawlance in 2016, with an initial investment of more than 36 Million Euros, followed by well over 16 million Euros of Foreign investments, by the year 2019.

This corporate acquisition has already enabled rapid expansions and competitive advantage, in production-machinery, technology-research, product development, and brand- building capacity.

It promises tremendous enrichments in Dawlance’s access to investments, resources, and expertise backed with multi-national experience. It inspires more robust performance and a broader vision, with strict compliance to global standards of quality, safety, energy conservation, and sustainability.

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