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5 lakes in Pakistan that will leave you in awe

Pakistan is the land of natural beauty. There are so many places in Paksitan that can certainly leave any person spellbound. Being one of the very few countries that have all seasons possible, Pakistan has been blessed with such jaw-dropping gorgeous lakes. Here are some of them.

Attabad lake, Gojal valley, Hunza

There is so much abundance of lakes in Pakistan, and each one of them is one of a kind and differently beautiful.

The uniqueness of Attabad lake is its colour. Yes, this lake has the bluest water you can ever find anywhere in Pakistan. The lake came into being after a massive landsliding and may disappear later. Anyway, it has attracted a number of foreign tourists and is definitely one of the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan.

Ratti Gali Lake, Azad Kashmir

Well, this post couldn’t be complete without this one. I don’t really understand how I can describe the beauty of this place. It can simply be said that if there is a possibility of existence of a fairyland, this would be it. I call this “the queen of lakes”. Why? Because the glaciers on the overwhelming mountains surrounding this gorgeous lake look like a crown placed over the lake.

Photos of this lake cannot do justice to the beauty of this place. The beautiful water of the lake gives a bluish-silver hue, as if molten silver is poured over blue water. It looks absolutely mesmerizing in the daytime. While the night time has it’s own unique enchantment, it feels like the sky has come closer to the ground!

Sheosar lake, Deosai National Park, Gilgit-Baltistan

This jaw-dropping lake is located at the height of 13,589 feet!
The water of the lake is a beautiful blue and the surroundings are just absolutely mesmerizing. Lush greenery, flowers and butterflies of every colour and the overall gorgeous view makes this place heavenly! The best time of the year to visit this place is spring and summer.

Bashkargol lake, Sor Laspur, Chitral

Doesn’t this lake give you island vibes? Like a scene from a movie? Well, this is it. This beautiful lake is in Chitral and sure is one of the most amazing places in the region. The size of this lake is huge and is estimated to be 3 times the size of lake Saif-ul-malook and a bit bigger than Sheosar lake.

Chitta Katha lake, Shounter valley, Azad Kashmir

An exquisite lake located in Azad Kashmir, Chitta Katha lake is certainly a must-visit place especially for explorers and travelers. The locals say that the land surrounding the lake is full of precious gems and full of herbs. However, even if this was not so, who wouldn’t want to witness this spellbinding lake with their own eyes? It surely can’t get better than this!

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