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Isharat Baji is making a comeback!

Remember the time when new channels were popping up left, right and centre? Not just news channels but entertainment channels. Back in the mid of 2000s, the media revolution of sorts, we had Indus Vision, The Music, Aag TV, Play TV, Indus Vision etc. Channels catering to the youth? Then perhaps post 2007, somehow the focus shifted entirely to news, today we have dozens of news channels, focusing only city centres. Youth is either fighting on behalf of their political leaders on social media or engaged in foreign content with Netflix and all.

One of the most popular shows in that period was ‘Isharat Baji’. It really involved the audiences, by directly engaging with them. Breaking the 4th wall, if you can call it that. Isharat Baji’s dialogues made it one of the most popular TV shows at the film. There was social commentary hidden in each of those episodes. Fans would remember, kalawala Police wala, the detective episode, ‘aisay aisay’ gym episode, and the fake marketing guy.

And now Mohib Mirza is bringing back Isharat Baji with a web series. Here is what he had to say about it.


It is now confirmed, that Mohib and his team are working on to bring the hit show back. We eagerly await the tongue in cheek style of social commentary. It would be interesting to see how Mr Mirza has evolved in all these years and how it would reflect on the show.

It is an interesting choice to bring Ishrat Baji back as a web series. Digital genre is still developing in Pakistan and perhaps it would get a push with such a special character making a comeback via that medium. It perhaps would give the writers the liberty to go back the censorship it would have had on a TV channel.

Despite all our difference, Isharat Baji k saaey talay hum ek hain, hum ek hain!

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