Go Dhak Dhak Goal With Chocolicious!

Pakistan might not be participating in the FIFA World Cup but we certainly aren’t the ones to be left behind. While our team isn’t there, our hearts are out there in the football stadiums in Russia, following the biggest sporting event of the year with all our might!

And yes, we’re living the madness as well! Haven’t you seen your favorite Pakistani celebs going Dhak Dhak Goal and sharing the most amazing football anthem of the year? In fact your favorite celebs too have taken to celebrating the spirit of football in Pakistan, supporting not only their favorites but also the country’s role in the World Cup!

Peek Freans Chocolicious has all adrenaline pumping, right here in the home ground, with its most happening football anthem of the season! Highlighting the sheer joy and rush of playing football and enjoying high spirited matches, Dhak Dhak Goal by Peek Freans is trending on YouTube, having crossed 3 million views already!

Football is a game that was born on the streets, and here is Peek Freans Chocolicious exploring the true spirit of the game that makes hearts go thumping and feet kicking. Just like the very original flavor of Chocolicious, the tunes for Dhak Dhak Goal talk of originality and the love of football that’s unique to Pakistan. We might not play it on international level but we do have a heart to heart connection with football, right from our children to our grownups, who’re tuning in religiously to their screens each night to witness the history in the making.

Creating a tune that’s bound to bring out the football fanatics in you, Chocolicious’ Dhak Dhak Goal is our newest favorite and perhaps the only anthem we’re listening to while we wait for this year’s FIFA World Cup champions!

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