Why is ‘art’ the need of society?

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of the word art?

Personally, there’s a lot of things that start going on in my head. Because that’s what art is all about.
What I have always observed is that, people mostly think of visual art or fine art. Paintings, burst of colours, graphic designing, graffiti, paint brushes; these are what people usually think of when it comes to art However, this is not just it.

Well, we all know all types of art but may not consider it art as such. Or we might not know that they are even considered art.  But before that, do we really realize what art itself is?

I personally think that art is another name of expression with a skill. It does not have to be appealing, or attractive, or beautiful. Instead, it is supposed to make you feel impacted, affected by it.

A society without expression is nothing. All the developmental domains that can possibly exist in a person, including physical and mental development, are encompassed by art. If it is made a part of our lives since childhood, a child can make improvements in both physical and mental development a lot more than the child that is not exposed to such activities.

Self-expression, self-improvement, confidence and empowerment; everyone needs these characteristics in their lives in order to spend a contented life. These aspects can be achieved and fulfilled with the help of different art forms. But unfortunately, our society is not very much accepting which results in extremism, frustration, rage and violence. Artistic activities are not appreciated in the society as much as other fields are practiced and recognized worthy.

 How is self expression defined?

Self expression is the expression of one’s emotions, feelings, ideas or thoughts in form of literature, painting, music, dance and other art forms. However, it is not necessary that a self expression is perceived the same way.

If you see an abstract painting and give an opinion or thoughts about it, your thoughts may not resemble someone else’s thoughts, neither they have to.

Similarly, everyone has a different taste in music. If you listen to a piece of music and that makes you happy, doesn’t mean it gives the same feeling to other people. For example, this brilliant piece of work which has existed for hundreds of years is still strong enough to affect people differently.

Similarly, different styles of dances, theaters, dramas, acting, fashion styles, architectural designs; all of them are form of arts that are often overlooked but should be given much more attention.
These are just little examples of how powerful and important art can be in order to have a society that is peaceful, intellectual, calm and opinionated.

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