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Ahmad Ali Butt lashes out on people not taking social distancing seriously

Coronavirus cases are growing in Pakistan. But we have a majority of people not taking anything seriously at all. These people need to know that socializing will only cause the matters to go worse and it won’t be late while Pakistan too becomes a hub for the virus and related deaths like Italy and Iran.

In such harsh times, when everyone is preaching social distancing there are people holding get-togethers and risking not only their but everybody else’s lives too. Actor Ahmad Ali Butt has a message for all these people.

In a post on his Instagram the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actor heavily criticized the financially well to do people for risking lives to facilitate their own luxuries.

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“Stupidity has no boundaries, I see people at weddings and dinners and posting pics from get-togethers. Please wake up people. How can the social elite and educated be so dumb and stupid. I swear the only reason we are still in this world is because ‘Uper walay ka karam hai’ verna humney koi kasr nahi chori ( ‘God’s blessing, otherwise we have kept on pushing the button),” said Ahmad.

In a video posted on his social media handle, Ahmad also lashed out at people taking social distancing non-seriously.


Since coronavirus cases are on a rise in Pakistan, several celebrities are promoting strict social distancing measures. In the light of such events, Wajahat Rauf and Nabeel Qureshi have also halted the shootings of their films, Parde Main Rehne Do and Fatman respectively.

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