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Anoushey Ashraf shares secret for a flawless skin

Pakistan’s famous host and VJ Anoushey Ashraf shares her secret for a flawless skin by taking to Instagram.

While being at homes nowadays owing to lockdown, VJ’s personal skincare regimen could be helpful for many.

Anoushey shared a couple of photos with a caption saying, “For all those ladies who’ve continuously asked about my skincare regimen. 1) I sleep a lot 2) I use sunblock 3) I’ve been mostly indoors with no makeup so I think my skin has had a chance to recuperate”.

“Your compliments have encouraged me to share some zero makeup zero filter selfies. The lighting in these pictures definitely help. May have gotten hydra facial max 2-3 times in my life. I’m just grateful because I literally do nothing to keep my skin alive and kicking. At my age, it’s imperative. I’m just lazy and lucky. No lies,” she further added.


“I occasionally pop an ‘Alpha-lipoic Acid’ supplement to cleanse my liver and good skin could be a potential side effect. I’m sorry I have no totkas or any other info on the matter. I just got lucky. Could possibly be my genes.”

Anoushey added. “Maybe also the fact that I haven’t vacationed by the beach in a while. I have no clue!”

For better and glowing skin, she also advised her fans to “sleep well, have tons of water, and use a sunblock that suits your skin type regularly” .

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