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Armeena Khan helps raise money for underprivileged Pakistanis

Our beloved Saman from Bin Roye, Armeena Khan does not only have a set of amazing acting skills and style, but also a a generous and charitable heart. Amongst the various causes the Armeena supports and often stands up for, she is now helping to raise funds for free eye care for Pakistanis.

By becoming a part of a charity dinner held at the Graham Layton Trust event, Armeena Khan along with attendees and Hollywood actor Art Malik raised more than 100000 GBP for a cause that provides free eye care to underprivileged Pakistanis.

“The GLT is doing some really good work and I am proud to be associated with something that makes lives better. Pakistan is a developing country and our people face many challenges that can get better if we all do our part”, shared Armeena

This isnt the only thing Armeena feels passionately about, the actress has recently been a vocal supporter of multiple international causes such as the Rohingya refugees and and dedicated her award at the UK ceremony to these refugees last year.


Even in the past, Armeena has never shied away from expressing her thoughts on such matter, be it through Instagram or Twitter. Armeena firmly believes in sending out positive messages through her platforms and making use of her influence and power to bring out a positive change for the underprivileged people.

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