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Momin Ali Munshi Responds to Yasir Hussain’s Objection Over Esra Bilgic’s Brand Endorsements

The actor had stated that Pakistani brands should sign local artists

Esra Bilgic's Brand EndorsementsYasir maintained that the Pakistani brands should be signing local artists as their ambassadors - OyeYeah News

Ever since Dirilis Ertugrul has made it to Pakistani television and fans have poured in love for its main leads Engin Altan Düzyatan and Esra Bilgic, it’s only natural that local brands are eyeing the two actors to endorse their products. This is exactly what happened earlier last week as a major mobile manufacturer signed Esra Bilgic as its ambassador and like many Pakistani celebrities, it didn’t sit well with Yasir Hussain.

Pointing out the brand’s action, Yasir maintained that the Pakistani brands should be signing local artists as their ambassadors and his voice was echoed by Aimen and Minal Khan as well. Blogger Momin Ali Munshi however had a response to Yasir as he aptly summed up why the Karachi Se Lahore actor’s objection was unfair.

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“It’s a free market brand can take on board whoever they wish to because at the end it’s a business and the brand will sign a person who they feel will generate a more profitable campaign for them,” said Momin in a latest social media post.

The blogger went on to add that Pakistani celebrities are often seen doing multiple brand endorsements on their social media and this is pretty much why major brands would not like to have such artists as their ambassador.

“Why a major brand would pay a hefty amount and sign a celebrity as a brand ambassador when the same celebrity is endorsing twenty different brands every week,” Munshi posed a question.

He concluded that while Yasir and others may object to Esra’s signing, in the coming weeks the brand would also pay a “fraction of the amount” to have their product unboxed by local celebrities on social media.

Momin's social media post

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