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Nadia Khan fell victim to cyber-fraud, looses 6 MILLION rupees

Nadia Khan after finding about the fraud, filed complaint to the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime.

Nadia Khan fell victim to cyber-fraudNadia Khan fell victim to cyber-fraud | OyeYeah News

Nadia Khan fell victim to cyber-fraud, looses 6 MILLION rupees it emerges on Saturday.

The accused of committing cyber fraud against popular morning show host and actress Nadia Khan, identified as Hamad Sami has been arrested in Karachi. A case has also been registered against him.

As being reported, after  Nadia Khan’s YouTube channel was hacked, she sought the help of an IT expert in order to recover her channel.

However, the IT expert who claimed to be helping the renowned morning show host changed Nadia’s personal details through her YouTube channel, which led to the loss of her income.

The IT expert succeeded in stealing 6 million rupees from her, however, Nadia has claimed that the amount of loss she has faced in terms of rupees is three times more.

Sharing the details of the fraud account,  FIA Additional Director Cyber ​​Crime Imran Riaz said that the IT expert caused financial loss to Nadia Khan in the name of help.

The accused had hacked Nadia Khan’s YouTube channel in September 2020.

The IT expert hacked the YouTube channel, Google Publisher changed the details of IT and the bank.

After this, all the earnings of Nadia Khan’s YouTube channel went to the IT expert, said FIA Additional Director Cyber ​​Crim

When Nadia Khan found out about the fraud, she complained to the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime, he added.

On filing the complaint, FIA took action and Nadia Khan also got her channel recovered from an IT expert.


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