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Nazish Jahangir believes more women are getting divorced because of Aurat March

Nazish Jahangir believes more women are getting divorced because of Aurat March!

The actress shared her thoughts while making an appearance on Nadir Ali’s podcast.

Pakistani podcaster Nadir Ali’s show is well known for selling controversies among the entertainment world and celebrities.

In the latest, Jahangir spoke her heart out disassociating herself from “orthodox feminism”.

“I am not an Orthodox feminist, l believe in equality, and I still confidently say that not all crying women are truthful. I am always standing with the right person whether it is a woman or a man,” the Berukhi actor asserted.

While giving examples of how she still lives with the haunting memory of the professor who committed suicide after being accused of harassment, Nazish said she does not think Aurat March is a solution to any of these problems.

“I don’t believe in these Aurat Marches, it’s not benefiting the women for whom we are fighting. They are not reaching the women they’re standing up for. Such poor women would be sitting in villages and making food while they chant slogans on the streets here. I think these fake feminist movements will never get you justice,” she added.

“I wonder who they are protesting for then. Are they protesting for us? Because our league knows everything about it. We know our rights and we know the value of equality. The ratio of Khula has also increased after these Marches. I’m not asking women to bear cruelties or abuse. They can leave their houses if they like but at least give it a shot. Our parents are the biggest example of sacrificing and surviving relationships with patience and love,” she said.

“Nadir, now people are getting divorced within a month after marriage. That’s horrifying,” the actress concluded.

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