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Pakistani Celebrities Suggest How to Spend Quarantine Period

Celebrities have some up with some solid plans about how to spend this Qurantine period


Many of the Pakistani celebrities are taking it to social media with suggestions on what to do during the quarantine.

As social distancing is relatively a new concept for a society like ours, on one hand, celebs are playing an important role in creating awareness while maintaining social distancing and quarantining at home they have also come up with some interesting and cool suggestions on how to utilize this time and make most of this Quarantine period.

Actress Sarwat Gilani through her Instagram account is helping to create awareness about frequent hand washing and her Instagram account is flooded with arts and crafts videos as well. She along with her sons, has started, decorating walls, painting pots and creating colorful stuff like creative stationery holders, air balloons, hanging wall decorations and paintings you could frame in the rooms.

Sarwat has become a real inspiration for moms who are thinking about how to get their kids to engage in some healthy and creative activities.


Zhalay Sarhadi also suggests her followers to develop other skills like helping others, praying and also do what you actually love to do and find happiness in as all this according to her this will help in creating a sense of control in such uncontrollable situation.


Actress Maya Ali has come up with a list of things to do during Quarantine, there is a number of tasks including offering prayers and reciting the Quran in the top priority and then adopting hobbies like Plantation, gardening and reading books along with other suggestions to kill the time that also includes watching movies, motivational videos, dramas, and documentaries.



Actor Zahid Ahmed also came up with his own list of suggestions, emphasizing spending most of the time with the family and stress on having meal on the table. He shared, “Offer all five prayers (do we have an excuse not to?). Read the Quran with translation (a little every day, don’t overburden yourself). I recommend an app called ‘Hadith’ (makes it easy to read hadith from all major books). If your children are small like mine, join them in one hour of cartoon time and play productive indoor games with them.”


The newlywed Sajal Aly urges her fans to frequently wash their hands, maintain social distancing and also to follow government instructions.


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