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Reason why we need more people like Osman Khalid Butt!

He schooled some internet trolls on respecting women.


The #MeToo movement has been actively going on, not only in the West but this part of East as well. However, people have perceived it in many different ways. Many appreciated it, many did not get it at all.

Last Friday, Osman Khalid Butt shared a photo where he wished Amna Ilyas, his friend and co-star in the up-coming film ‘Baaji’. Sharing his photo with Amna Ilyas, he captioned it with a heartwarming birthday note.


An Instagram user made the following comment, “Please be careful because after some time she would be accusing you of harassment because of #MeToo.”

Such comments have surfaced the internet many times in past weeks. But celebrities don’t really reply to such comments. However, Osman Khalid responded on it with this.

“No she won’t because I conduct myself with dignity even among friends and don’t abuse my privilege. Harassment allegations are not this frivolous, nor #MeToo a movement to be taken lightly. If you don’t respect the women speaking out about the trauma they’ve endured, the least you can do is not reduce it to a reductive, inane comment. Peace.”

Later, the comment was deleted by the user.

However, another unnecessary comment that caught Osman’s attention was this.

“Now I got my reply when I asked you that do you still love Maya or not. You have new friends now. Darling, Maya is bad miss for you among your achievements Maya plays a very important role because she has compliment you in every way possible. Any way good luck to you. Luv SFA @official_mayaali.”

To this comment, OKB replied, ” First of all, Maya, or any other woman for that matter, is not a trophy for me to label as an achievement. Second, just because we are both busy working and don’t share pictures every fortniht doesn’t mean we are not friends anymore. Please ye sansanikhez risalon wali commentary band karen.”

He also shared his views on #MeToo movement on his twitter.

Many fans appreciated that he responded to such negativity in such an impressive way.

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