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Urwa Hocane claps back at Reham Khan for criticizing celebrities

Urwa Hocane has clapped back at Reham Khan for criticizing celebrities!

It started with a now-deleted tweet, Reham Khan, a British-Pakistani journalist and ex-wife of former prime minister Imran Khan, criticized celebrities for their perceived lack of understanding of the struggles faced by the general population.

Reham Khan wrote, “Pakistan should not be just a shopping destination for bridal couture & lawn collections. Come & live here. Invest in local communities. Those overseas Pakistanis who do not want to give up their jobs but claim to be experts on Pakistani politics need education about ground realities.”

Urwa took to her Instagram Stories to respond to Reham Khan’s statements.


Urwa wrote, “I could have agreed with your statement about investing in ‘local communities’ until your derogatory remarks about ‘celebrities’. Just to expand your knowledge, most of us are self-made and started from scratch, just like myself, and we are still working very hard to get us the deserved recognition as an art industry that is representing our country, peacefully and earning all of us immense respect and love around the globe.”

Urwa called out Reham Khan that she herself started her career as a child actor on Pakistan Television (PTV), indicating that she too was once associated with the entertainment world.

“Your prejudice against celebrities doesn’t add up. Weren’t you kind of one as well? I recall you started as a child actor on PTV and I definitely don’t think that makes you a ‘pin-up boy’ and also doesn’t take away your ‘entitlement’ that you are any less of a Pakistani citizen to have an opinion on Pakistani politics. I surely could give other reasons why you definitely aren’t ‘statesman material’ but this would be mere weak finger-pointing,” Urwa said.

She went on to add, “I do not appreciate you trying to point hate and judgment towards a growing small group of talented/ hardworking individuals to which I proudly belong. I would suggest you work on making a point without trying to put a group of respected, celebrated, and prominent individuals under the bus. P.S.: feel free to apologize, as us ‘celebrities,’ other than being self-made/hardworking, happen to be very forgiving, kindhearted, and peaceful as well.”


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