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Sami Khan to star in “Surkh Chandni” opposite Sohai Ali Abro

Penned down by Asma Nabeel of Khaani fame, the drama will be directed by Shahid Shafaat


Sami Khan, a name that needs no introduction. Khan is a heartthrob and an actor in a league of his very own. Known for taking over complex characters and displaying them with an ease, Sami Khan, has given us memorable performances in a number of his plays. His very recent portrayal of Hamza in Aisi Hai Tanhai and Faris in Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua marked commendable performances on part of the actor and now, he is once again teaming up with Shahid Shafaat for upcoming drama “Surkh Chandni.”


Penned down by Asma Nabeel, of Khaani fame, a writer who is known to tackle social issues with a flare of her own, Surkh Chandni, will again revolve around a societal issue, which is not just limited to Pakistan. “Asma Nabeel has created beautiful content and the story conveys the message as its supposed to. The audience will be able to relate to Surkh Chandni, because it will bring across an issue, known to many,” said Sami Khan in an exclusive chat with Oye Yeah.

Talking about the reason why he choose to do Surkh Chandni, Sami mentioned, “The script had to be the first reason I opted for this drama. Combine along a brilliant producer who knows how to get the point across and a director with a vision, the team for Surkh Chandni, was absolutely brilliant.”


Sami Khan calls Sana Shahnawaz a producer who can get across a writer’s vision with the right production values. Khan is a director’s actor and working with Shahid Shafaat is very comfortable yet challenging for him. “The first day when I came on sets for Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua, I had my own idea about the character. However, Shahid Shafaat sat me down and gave me a heads up on how he wanted Faris to be and from there onward, we hit it on. I didn’t know Faris would grow to get so much love, but it was the director’s vision which I translated on screen. This time around as well, Shahid and I have had chats about my character and I am sure, this one is going to be brilliant on screen as well,” shared Sami.

On working with Sohai Ali Abro, Sami states, “Sohai is a brilliant actress. I believe acting is all about reacting. Th better the actor in front of you, the better your reaction as an actor would be. I am really excited to work with her because she was absolutely amazing in The Motorcycle Girl and I think she’ll bring the same energy to Surkh Chandni as well.”


Surkh Chandni is being produced by Sana Shahnawaz and Samina Humayun Saeed and will go on the floors from Monday i.e. next week.

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