Sonya Hussayn Gets in Trouble for Saying Autism is a Symptom of Schizophrenia

The actor is being held accountable for her ill-informed opinions

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Actress Sonya Hussayn whose upcoming project Saraab is based on the story of a schizophrenic girl has gotten herself in trouble for making an ill-informed statement.

Taking it to Instagram to promote her drama, Sonya shared a poster showing symptoms of schizophrenia, among those, was listed autism which many called out for being incorrect.

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“Autism is not a mental illness, it’s a disease or disorder. I have two kids with autism so I know what I am talking about,” commented a user to straighten the facts.

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“But it’s a symptom in schizophrenia,” Azaadi actress reiterated.

Sonya’s comment soon came under backlash as people commented on her lack of knowledge on the subject she will be working on.

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“Not that I expect our celebs to be bastions of knowledge but about time they read up on what they’re representing through art rather than try to use a cause to their benefit. Actors in Hollywood take months to understand and get into character,” a Twitter user said.

In her defense, Sonya had already stated that she had in fact done her research prior to taking the project.

“For about two months, the makers kept in touch with me about my training which gave me the confidence that I can pull this off,” the actress had told a news outlet.

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