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Veena Malik Schools Hamza Ali Abbasi for Defending Iqra-Yasir’s PDA

It would be presumably correct to claim that the biggest highlight of this year’s Lux Style Awards was Yasir Hussain’s proposal to his lady love Iqra Aziz. Whether you loved it or hated it, the truth is that it’s the most talked about event of the night, and celebrities too cannot hold themselves back from commenting on what went around as Yasir bent knee to Iqra.

As a surprising turn of events, one of the celebrities that defended Yasir and Iqra’s public display of affection was Hamza Ali Abbasi, (yeah let that sink in).

Now if that could have gotten any more unfathomable, Veena Malik is the latest celebrity to jump on the bandwagon and commented on the matter. And, Lo n Behold! Veena is actually schooling Hamza for defending Yasir and Iqra’s actions.

Taking it to Twitter, the Tere Pyar Mein actress said, “Iam working in the Pak industry after long break almost 9 years. I met @iamhamzaabbasi Sahab on #PakistanStar set & became acquaintance. What I know about him so far that he’s some1 who is upright, high principled, virtuous & impressed me so much in all walks of life. Also just recently saw a video of yours on God which made me realize that u are insightful, cultured & enlightened and then this tweets came up.”

“Nowhere in our Religion & Quran it’s written that you can hug & kiss before Nikkah. I think we shouldn’t bring religion 2 support their PDA. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Of course, congratulations to the couple & so happy 4 that they’ll get married & preferred Halal over Haram,” she went on to say.

“But how the proposal ended wasn’t appropriate as the act was utterly uncultured. We live in a Muslim country our Religion & culture both doesn’t allow that & such acts are looked down upon. You rightly said that this era isn’t like the previous1 now you have to show a lot of more responsibility & moral ethics towards society,” she further wrote.

“You are talking about Haram and Halal & yet defending the kisses before Nikkah? If someone is following Islam and doing Nikah then why doing Haram before Nikah? Even for some Halal acts you can’t go public so they should have been a little careful!” concluded the Superstar Model actress.

Echoing Veena’s statement, Khaani actor Feroze Khan also had similar statement to share.

“You crack me up big time sometime! I just can’t let go of this one. Let’s not bring Islam, Allah and Rusool (SAW) into this please again please. Huge respect! Peace,” said Feroze who was also amongst attendees at LSA 2019.

Well, whose side are you on this time? Do you think Hamza’s stance of ‘Halal over Haram’ is acceptable or you find Veena’s opinion stronger?

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