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Aana Last Episode Review : A perfect happy ending!

Drama serial Anaa, the play which became our favorite Prime Time Watch, finally came to its conclusion and that’s the ending we all have desired for! yes its also a bit sad on the part that Daneen leaves Areesh for good but Altmash finally marries Izzah. The play has been beautifully written by Sameera Fazal and brilliantly directed by Shahzad Kashmiri. Hania Aamir, Shehzad Sheikh, Areeba Shahood Alvi, Usman Mukhtaar and Naimal Khawar, all have given their finest performances.

The episode begins when Areesh is hospitalized and is in very critical condition. On the other hand, Aania, who is saved from the attack, is in the labor room. Izzah tries to console Altamash but he is really mad at her. Atlamash is too smart, as he senses that there is something fishy going at Nashwa’s side and he finds her activities and expressions suspicious. He instantly demands her to show him her phone, to which Nashwa reluctantly hands him and there he gets all the evidence and he shows it to Ghazanfar who is literally shattered to see that.


Aania gives birth to a baby boy but Areesh’s condition is not yet stable. Daneen visits Areesh and Ghazanfar seek forgiveness from her. Aania plans that she will leave the country for Areesh’s happiness and also that she is guilty that she has been in the way of their happiness. Well, Daneen, on the other hand, is planning to leave the country and Areesh for good, as she does not want to break Areesh’s house.


Ghazanafar and family have completely abandoned Nashwa in her Shamshernagar state and she is living all alone as a punishment. The good thing about the end is that the life long grudges between the families finally come to an end. Ghazanfar is living in Nazia’s place and she does not want to see Nashwa. Nashwa admits her sins in front of Areesh and seeks for his forgiveness. Areesh is shocked to learn that Nashwa has planned that attack. He eventually forgives her and convinces his father to forgive Nashwa too.


Izzah’s parents play an important role in patching up Altmash and Izzah’s relationship. Nazia literally snubs Altamash for not forgiving her daughter’s little mistake and asks him to apologize. Izzah and Altamash finally got married and this is the most satisfying part of the end, as their couple was much loved by the audiences.

So, overall Anaa ended on a positive note, also ending the life long grudges between the families, the family union, Areesh and Aania’s union and most importantly Altamash and Izzah’s marriage!

And this is the kind of ending we call perfect!

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