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Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 25 & 26 Review: Nonstop series of struggles and inner turmoils.

These episodes were all about Dr Saad's struggles and Hamza's inner turmoils.


Well yesterday the much anticipated episodes of Aisi hai Tanhai went on air and the story  just took some interesting turns and never for a moment you felt the episode drag. The episodes revolvde  around the continuous  struggles of Dr Saad to get Justice for Pakeezah and also the inner turmoils of Hamza as he got to know that Pakeezah is alive .

Hamza has come to know that Pakeezah is alive. It has shattered all trust and confidence in Pakeezah’s mother and it has also affected the relationship between him and Kinza. He has started behaving in a cold manner towards Kinza, being so disturbed that he forgot to pick her from her workplace.

Pakeeza, who is currently staying at Ramsha’s place, has been visited twice by Hamza but both times in a furious rage.  Hamza told Pakeezah that he has completely ruined his life for her and that his life is in shambles and he married Kinza just because he wanted to support her mother and sister. However, all this failed to move Pakeezah as she states that he had no right over her and everything he did were his own decisions.

Another proceeding in the story is that Dr Saad despite the fact that Pakeezah has asked her to withdraw the case, has been persistent  in his fight for Justice. The court scenes added more twists to the story, when the opposition lawyer asked the judge to present Pakeezah in court. He further visited the culprit and investigated the truth. The culprit admitted that he had committed the rape and that the girl was not looked after and was a suicide survivor which gave the lawyer more support to to add his case. He demanded court to issue notices to Pakeezah’s family.

Well the issuing of notices  has created a turn as now Kinza and  Pakeezah’s mother will get to know that she is still alive. It will turn the story 180 degree where Kinza will loose all trust on her mother and their equation will definitely chang. Well the promo has shown the glimpses of the family in the court and the final glimpse of Pakeezah’s entry in the court which will be a turning point. The question is will she be able to get justice? Will Dr Saad ‘s struggles turn fruitful? A more complicated question is what will happen with Kinza’s and Hamza’s relationship and what would be Kinza’s reaction when she will get to know that her sister is alive.

Overall, this was another interesting episode of Aisi Hai Tanhai on ARY Digital. Sami Khan is currently standing out with his amazing portrayal of Hamza and Sonya Hussyn stuns in each scene. Badar Mehmood has created an amazing piece, a play that calls the audience to sit up straight and pay attention. Another masterpiece by Mohsin Ali, we look forward to watching Aisi Hai Tanhai, next week.

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