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Aisi Hai Tanhai last episode review: Strong, brave and resilient!

Women empowerment is the parting note for this amazing drama!

Aisi Hai Tanhai review

We had been anticipating the end of Aisi Hai Tanhai with our fingers crossed and we’re glad to say that drama finally ended on a positive note, delivering a very strong and brave message to all women out there. It spoke about never loosing courage and facing the world, chins up.  Beautifully written by  Mohsin Ali and  brilliantly directed by Badar Mehmood, Aisi Hai Tanhai turned out to be masterpiece with Sonya Hussyn, Nadia khan, Sami Khan and Kamaran Jillani delivering the best of performances.

Although Hamza dying, whilst trying to protect Pakeezah was not something we had expected but Sami Khan delivered a commendable performance throughout. His approach to the character and the solid strength he showed for Pakeezah and Kinzah both, made us fall in love with not only Sami Khan’s acting skills but Hamza’s character as well. Hamza transformed from a carefree college boy to a man in just a few episodes and Sami Khan’s growth with Hamza was just amazing.


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Dr. Jahangir is convicted for Hamza’s murder case and Pakeezah too wins the rape case she was fighting for. She thanks Dr. Saad for empowering her and allowing her to turn her destiny around. Sonya Hussyn, deserves an applause for Pakeezah because the girl delivered the best performance of her life with the role. It is not easy shunning a glamorous avatar for a character as serious as Pakeezah.

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Kinza, showed strength as Hamza’s widow and her decision to respect his last rights was great. Hamza’s parents broke down and invited her over but she choose to stay with his memories in the home they both shared. Nadia Khan, even after making a comeback to television screens after 17 years, proved she knew her craft well. The poise and grace she carried Kinza with was truly commendable.


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Aisi Hai Tanhai was a game changer. The drama sought to defy rules and norms the society has set in for. It also sought to educate girls about the consequences of irresponsible behavior, just to portray their love for a stranger they’ve known for a small time of their life. Aisi Hai Tanhai opened eyes and delivered its message spot on. The fast pace of the serial ensured it stuck to the point. Excellent execution of the script by the cast made it a chart topper because this one drama imparted its message with raw truth, not sugar coating it in anyway.

#AisiHaiTanhai comes to an end tonight and it’s been such an incredible journey! I hadn’t done TV for two years, but when the character of Pakeezah, a vulnerably empowered girl, came to me, I knew I had to do this! I hope it’s able to convey what it set out to and makes girls realise that no adversity or situation is the end of life except death itself. It’s about time we teach and learn girls to speak. Speak for their rights. Speak for injustice. There’s no honour in putting women down and today, I’m proud that I played my little part in saying that out loud. Aisi Hai Tanhai sparks a very pertinent debate, though in the background of social media and mobile phones, it says so much more. I’m beyond honoured for the response that we’ve garnered week after week, and most importantly, to have gotten this opportunity; my producers @mustafafahad26 , AliKazmi writer MohsinAli and director BadarMehmood are truly one of the finest talents we have. I thank you for daring to produce, write and direct Pakeezah’s story. Thank you Samikhan and Nadiakhan @sadiaghaffar , Fazila Kazi Kamran Jeelani #sabahameed and the rest of all for being such great co-stars. Even though Aisi Hai Tanhai comes to an end, I want it to begin something incredible in our society. For now, I look forward to your feedback! Much love x 💜

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Big Bang Productions deserve an applause for highlight a tabooed subject amongst our society. The project brought up the issue with dignity and then carried across its message of women empowerment, strength and belief in one’s own self. Good job team Aisi Hai Tanhai, the drama will surely be missed for its powerful message and commendable performances!


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