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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Ep-19 Review: Omar becomes a pendulum between Maheen and Roshini

GEO Entertainment’s light heart romantic comedy Bandhay Ek Dour Se has turned into an intense one. however, the story is still stuck in the same place and hasn’t moved a bit. Omar (Ahsan Khan) is being a pendulum between Roshini and Maheen. He is at times becomes very bitter with Maheen and Roshini is too vile that she spares no moment to demonize Maheen in front of Omar.

Maheen’s brother Monis sees Omar at their nearby park but fortunately, he does not catch him with Roshini. Roshini has so much venom in her that she always speaks against poor Maheen and she always tries to demonize her in front of Omar. Well in the initial episodes Omar has shared with Monis about his liking for Roshini but now why Monis is not figuring it out?

Omar at times is being very bitter with Maheen, it is not her fault that he is forced to marry her. He could have said no but because of Roshini’s continuous feeding, he in the back of his mind blames Maheen for that, he does not express it in words but his bitterness, his aloofness says it all. When Maheen says that she can give his money as her work wage, he should have told her that she is not a servant. She is her friend and she can take money from him anyway but no he silently agrees with her which is too rude.

Omar is not calling or texting Roshini for God knows what reason? Roshini on the other hand is fuming on being ignored by Omar. Omar on the other hand takes Maheen on shopping on his mother and Dadi’s order. There Roshini’s mother sees Omar and Maheen shopping together and later when she tells Roshini about it she burns in jealousy. She has made up her mind that she will ruin both Omar and Maheen’s life. Omar is a matter of her ego, she does not love him at all.

Omar’s father advice his eldest son Mansoor to conduct his fertility tests as there is no harm in conducting the test. It is such a positive message that infertility is not just a woman’s inability to give birth all the time it could be a man’s deficiency too. The scene where the two brothers are talking at the rooftop is so heart touching, Mansoor who is too stressed and tense that he wants to share his heart with Omar but he is so selfish that he is not ready to listen to him. Omar shares with Mansoor that he feels himself like a pendulum, he feels guilty when he is with Roshini and also feels bad when he is with Maheen. Mansoor advises Omar to move on and start a new life with Maheen.

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